There are twelve noble houses, three of which have fallen and are no longer represented in Irminsûl. The shadow holdings that originally belonged to those lost houses now fall to the Emperor.

The houses fall roughly into three factions.

Draumar is the imperial house, noted for their use of dream-spying. Sadly depleted of members due to assassinations, their main representative now is Emperor Arthodis himself. Their closest allies are Járnvid and Alcis.

Nástrandir is currently the most powerful of the houses, claiming significant support from the emperor. They are said to be trained as assassins from birth. Their allies are Grimnire and Arastein, and they are currently led by Prince Samuel Nástrandir.

Vartari are the second most powerful house, known as sailors and traders. They control the armada. Their closest allies are Kvasir and Varg, and they are currently led by Content Not Found: valentine.


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