The Military

The Armada

The armada is based out of several fortified ports along the coastline — some close enough to the palace that they can respond to ocean-going threats quickly, others further out to provide protection for trading vessels.

Although the admirals officially answer to the emperor, as his power has waned House Vartari have filled the vacuum, and it is now accepted fact that they control the armada.

The Armada is led by Content Not Found: faramund.

The Army

The army is based out of a series of forts, most at major oases along the trading routes, with the main fort along the coast from Gladsheim.

Like the armada, the generals are ostensibly answerable to the emperor alone, but House Nástrandir have a great deal of influence over them.

The Army is led by Content Not Found: yacov.


The Einherjar are the emperor’s elite guard, men and women who have proven themselves in combat and loyalty. Most of them are peasant warriors from out of shadow, or Irminsûl peasants who have walked the labyrinth and been adopted into the Emperor’s house.

The Einherjar are led by Content Not Found: avery.


The Valkyries are all noble women who have been sent to serve the order either for their own safety, or as payment to the Emperor for slights against his house. It’s considered an honour to have a daughter in the Valkyrie, but such daughters are usually ‘excess to requirements’. Nobles hand over those girls who might be troublesome, or too expensive to marry off. It’s a little like a nunnery, and the Valkyrie do maintain vows of chastity, on the understanding that one day, when they have proven themselves sufficiently competent, they will be married to a good prospect.

The peasantry call them raven-maids, because all most peasants see of them are a winged shape passing overhead. There are usually three or four at any one time riding the thermals along the coast, watching for danger.

They are the emperor’s eyes and ears, working as scouts and sometimes spies. All of them are accomplished witches, and they all wear a harness of intricate clockwork gears and black metal feathers that allows them to glide.

The Valkyrie are led by Content Not Found: iseul.

The Military

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